About us

Manufacturing system

Voltregà is firmly established in Spain. Apart from our factory, which is equipped with cutting edge technology, our trading activities are also fully managed from Catalonia (Barcelona)

At Voltregà we believe in the professionalism of local industry and we show it by working together with local suppliers, thus helping the local industry grow.

Cable section

In this section wire mesh is produced from wire rolls, which is used to build cages by shaping it in different ways. We also cut metal plates with lasers here.

Plastic section

This is where plastic pieces are injected, into our own molds. The type of plastic used is polypropylene.

Paint section

This section was refurbished at the beginning of this year. Cages are painted using an electrostatic system. The paint we use does not contain lead.


In order to shorten our delivery times, we have two warehouses available where our finished products and accessories are processed.